Disclaimer: The following is an explanation of how I personally pulled off this feat for myself. This article is not a “how-to” for you to pull off my exact trip at my exact price tag, but instead to illustrate how adventures like this are 100% possible, and these are the things to keep in mind if you want to plan one. If you make careful decisions, put in the time, and persevere, you can also travel the world affordably.

Note: I go to the Ohio State University, and will mostly be covering the logistics of handling a semester study abroad

Gone are the days of everyone else getting rich off of Dogecoin without you! (Scroll to the end for 10 dollars of Bitcoin)

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

On June 5th of this year the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced that he will be proposing legislation to make El Salvador the first country to use bitcoin as a legal form of payment within the country along with its current currency, the US dollar. Congress of course still needs to pass this bill, but if they do this could be the start of the world adopting cryptocurrencies.

But before we get ahead of ourselves…

Just South Korea… I don’t really know about North Korea.

Korea Apps taken by Customs

Living in Korea, especially in a city like Seoul, as an English speaker is actually very easy to navigate. Most college-aged students and young adults speak a fair amount of English and as long as you have a couple of applications with you, it should be fairly easy to get around.

I could have stopped this list at two, as I really only needed the first two apps, but it never hurts to have a few more just in case.

Jongro Hot Dog taken by Customs

I visited New York City for the first time ever last weekend and wanted to write about all the delicious food I ate! Alas, I was unfortunately mildly disappointed with the food game in Manhattan, but luckily on the very last night I decided to get a corndog from a small shop that caught my eye in Korea Town and was extremely pleased.

As myself and a friend leave Grand Central Terminal we are planning to grab boba with a friend in Korea town. While walking up and down the neighborhood we scour the streets for a good boba shop…

A step-by-step guide to help you do the same

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

In February of this year, Anchor and WordPress teamed up to create an easier way for bloggers to make a podcast and vice versa.

The integration works by linking both your WordPress account and Anchor accounts together so that whenever you write a new blog post you can easily turn it into a podcast episode.

On the other end, upon initial set up of your podcast episodes, anchor allows you to generate a blog full of show notes from every episode and an audio player of your episode, however, this feature is quite buggy. …

Being a recent OSU alumnus myself, I’ve made a list of my favorite food spots on or closest to campus.

Buckeye Donuts Taken By the Lantern

As a disclaimer, I know for the first 2 years of college, most students are just eating whatever is available on their meal plan in between class and study sessions. Either way though, these are the spots you need to try before you graduate from THE Ohio State University.

Buckeye DonutsA true buckeye staple, the most famous donut shop in town. Conveniently located on North High Street, this 24-hour small donut shop has been feeding the drunken stomachs…

Chicago Skyline taken by Customs

For the “I only have one-day” tourists…

The windy city (Chicago) is home to deep-dish pizzas and a gorgeous skyline along Lake Michigan. It was also, one of the first cities established in the USA and a hot hub for newly arrived immigrants to settle in during the Gilded Age. For the tourists who enjoy both history and great food specialties, you really should take a day to visit the neighborhoods.

The five main ones are Chinatown, Little Italy, Greektown, Ukranian Village, and Bronzeville.

I personally was not able to visit Ukrainian Village or Bronzeville due to time, and I…

It’s just soap, water, lotion, and sunscreen.

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Living out of a suitcase takes quite a toll on your skin. The 3.4 oz liquid carry-on limit of your favorite products really strips down your 7 step skincare routine down to half. If you don’t have an at-home skincare routine then this article is not for you (although you should probably get a second opinion on your face as it’s probably not looking as nice as you think). …

Photo by Jessica Irani on Unsplash

You don’t have to be beating the crap out of an Asian person to contribute to the problem. #StopAsianHate

After reading the news this morning about not one but 2 major hate crimes against Asian Americans happening on the same day this week, wherein both scenarios bystanders just watched; I am filled with nothing but frustration, disgust, and an urgency to do something.

Hate crimes have been increasing at an exponential rate in the past year with over 3800+ cases being reported (NOT including the thousands of cases that go undocumented and unreported that we don’t see), but it is…

Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

Despite drops in rent prices across the world’s most expensive cities, housing prices are still as expensive as ever. You may find yourself asking, “How will I ever be able to afford the shelter of my dreams in a place with such rich culture?”. Well, I am here to present your best alternative investment solution, a castle.

At first glance, a castle may seem like a bad investment, but if you dig deeper into the financial math you’ll start to realize that it’s actually not a bad idea at all.

Most Castles Are Around The Same Price As An Ordinary House

Believe it or not, castles actually aren’t that much more…


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